How One Woman is Changing Parow

Parow Park Outside The Bowl Africa 2

Our team visited a very special lady in Parow Park Complex today, named Victoria Coetzee.  Herewith her story:

Hi good day, my name is Victoria Coetzee. I live in Parow, Parow Park Complex. I go to AFM Church in Good wood. Last year in October at a Sunday evening service a lady prayed for me and told me that my catering is going to expand but not in the way I’m used to but give out food. At that time I didn’t understand this at all.

And God kept telling me to anoint my feet which I’ve been doing since then. This year the day before Easter weekend my son came to me telling there’s a voice that told him to give back to the community. He was obedient and came to me and asked me please to make soup and this was at the beginning of lockdown. My first Sunday he bought ingredients from his own pocket. And we cooked food for the Sunday and my family helped dish out.  

The following Wednesday I made soup. This carried on for some time until I couldn’t cook for two days. I posted on my WhatsApp status what I was doing. I met Lenore at a church conference and God has been using her to help people like me to get sponsors / donations to help others. I used the soup kitchen in Parow Park to dish out either food or soup depending on what I have and there are many times I use my own pension to help.

There are many people in the park struggling, lots have lost their jobs. There are also another two kitchens going on here. The one is a Muslim soup kitchen and another one that I will also be assisting as well. I like giving as God has given me a giving heart.

I would like to say thank you to Lenore for reaching out to help and to everyone reading this message.

Blessings to all, I give all the glory to God.