Shining the Light on Dalweide Primary School

We visited Dalweide Primary School on Friday, 6 November 2020.

Our CFO, Johan Duraan, and Pastor Leon van Schoor gave a message of hope to all the learners.

Cindy Kotze our CSI Coordinator explained to the learners the meaning of the Joy Project bracelets.

We blessed 1280 learners today with a bracelet from The Joy Project, books and flyers sponsored by CLF (Christian Literature Fund), and Outside the Bowl sponsored rice and pasta towards the feeding scheme at the school.

This was truly a very special heart-warming experience with these learners.

Thank you to all the sponsors and to our amazing team. Thank you to the Communities of Abundance and Hope for Youth team for going with.

Huge thank you to teacher Naidoo for making it possible for us to visit the school.