We meet the most incredible, selfless people every day… Jeffrey Fisher from Fish Haven Youth Development is running a youth development program and feeding scheme. They equip the children with golf skills and teach them the benefits of the discipline in golf.

They have an enormous number of youngsters that show potential and interest in the sport. Jeffrey is a golf lover and player and he saw the need in the community and realized that he could make a communal difference in the lives of these kids and keep them off the streets and away from becoming involved in drug-related activities.

The main aims and objectives of the organization are to provide:

#professional training of golf skills and coaching clinics

#encourage participation

#develop children holistically through sport participation

#presenting youth camps and youth programs

#equipping them with moral and good decision-making skills through life coaching etc

#Give them a nutritious meal.

Currently, they are giving food daily to about 120 people in our community including the youth of the project. We were impressed with what they do in their community and are so thankful that we could take hands with them and together we can make a difference!