We were invited by Play Sport4life (PS4L) to meet them at SHAWCO to demonstrate to a few soup kitchen ladies how to
prepare our Vida Kids.

Play Sport4Life (PS4L) is a non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. Their mission is to help improve the lives and well
being of disadvantaged communities by providing athletic opportunities and using sports as a vehicle for a healthier lifestyle.

They work to equip these communities with necessary life skills that help them deal with day-to-day challenges, leading to a positive impact on all the lives and communities involved.

SHAWCO was established in 1943 at the University of Cape Town (UCT), and works to develop informed, healthy, and thriving communities. Their mission is to practice and promote responsible citizenship in South Africa by enrolling student volunteers in health, education and social entrepreneurship initiatives in under-served communities across the Cape Flats, from Kensington to Khayelitsha. They create a supportive space for experiential learning and teaching and address inequality through innovative and sustainable approaches to community engagement.

One of the ECD’s on the premises at SHAWCO surprise us with a song and the little ones have touched our hearts deeply with their singing. We blessed each one with a packet with a juice, lollypop, and Joy Bracelet and amazing Choc Chip Cookie from our Bakery. The ladies of the soup kitchens were so impressed with the taste of the Vita Kids and are excited to get involved with us.

We blessed each of them with a Joy bracelet, Coffee, and a Choc Chip cookie from our bakery just to say thank you for welcoming us and for their awesome work in the communities and ECD’s.

This was an amazing experience, and we are so excited to take hands with these organisations . Together we will be able to make a difference in vulnerable communities.